Nirvana Pilot Yume is the cure for your ‘80s sci-fi anime nostalgia: a retro-synthwave world with space races inspired by the DOS classic SkyRoads and a steamy visual novel of romance and redemption. Rise the volume and turn on the neon lights: welcome to 3080.

In 3080 interplanetary disputes are now settled in the G.U.R.U. (Great Ultrathought Race of the Universe), where selected pilots of each Orbital City compete in enormous interplanetary circuits.
A Pilot and an Eye are required to drive the Ultrathought Spaceships: during the Nirvana Sync, they experience a strong intimate bond and they can drive the ship as if they were a single organism.
You are the legendary Eye Aldaine, now retired and fallen in disgrace after a tragic accident. Yume is a young and ambitious girl who wants to become a Nirvana Pilot at all costs. Breaking into your life, she asks your help to master the speed of the Ultra-Engine. Your choices and your piloting skills will define your destiny.
Will you be able to win back your place among the best pilots of Alba Proxima?
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Nirvana Pilot Yume